/ Product Overview

How can we improve museum visiting experience?

A better visitor experience can lead to increased satisfaction and engagement with the museum, encouraging visitors to return and recommend the museum to others. By improving the visitor experience, museums can gain valuable insights into visitor behavior and preferences, which can inform future exhibition and educational offerings.

My client is building a web tool for museums of all sizes to enhance the experience of visitor.

My role is collaborate with product manager and museum expert, bring this idea to life with aesthetic UI design and provide a high-quality design product for client use for development work.


2 Month


Adobe PhotoShop
Adobe Illustrator


Lige Yang (UI/UXD)
Tyler Roberts (PM)
Louisa Potthast (Museum Expert)

‍the opportunity❓

How might we improve the museum experience
via a free mobile tool and promote art event on exhibition?


User Research

Problem Define


Usability Test


Quantitative research
Qualitative research

User journey map

User testing (expert review)

Actionable Hi-fi prototyping
UI system

Hi-fi prototyping
UI system design

User ReaserchπŸ’Ž

Method 1: Questionnaire Survey & analysis

To quickly collect data and find out who is our target user, I send out 80 questionnaires and 80 of them get responded. Based on the questionnaires, I map out visitors into three types.

User ReaserchπŸ’Ž

Method 2: Interview

To understand the pain points of museum lover, I interviewed 6 visitors who often visit museums more than 4 times a year and 2 museum experts. Here are some pull quotes

Define the problemπŸ§‘πŸ§‘


From the questionnaire survey and interviews, I have following insights into the problems

define problemπŸ’Ž


To synthesize our power users research insights, I create a persona for our power user.

define problemπŸ’Ž

User Journey Map

To understand the touch points our power user, I create a user journey map.

define problemπŸ’Ž

Down selecting design recommendation

I communicated with PM about the research insights and defined the key user cases and appropriate scope of the function set. Then I prioritized my design tasks to ensure the deliverable.

Redefined HOW MIght WeπŸ’Ž

How might we create an intractable digital brochure that offers easily accessible and up-to-date information on exhibition items, via mobile phone to museum lovers visiting a new museum for the first time?

Design βš’πŸ“

Task flow

To understand and optimize the user experience, I create a task flow to reflect how users interact with the product.



I communicated design concept with the PM and aligned action design task on wireframes.

usability test πŸ“±

Validating my designs

I invitedΒ four power users, aka museum experts for usability studies of my prototype. I tested the second version of my prototype using the think-aloud techniques. Afterward, IΒ conducted a post-test interview to gain insight into usability strengths and weaknesses.

‍usability test + Iteration πŸ’¬

The results

Based on what I got from the usability test,
I improve the web application to final high-fidelity design.

‍Deliver πŸ’¬

High - fi prototype

After iteration, I made an actionable high-fi prototype and a UI style guide for visual system


Happy path showcase

Enter Experience List
(Experience = Event/Exhibitions)

Scans a QR at museum entrance, enter Experience List to browse the experiences.

Pick An Experience

Pick an experience you are interested in, use filter to browse quickly.

Choose The Art Piece To View Detail

Choose the art piece you would like to learn under the experience theme. The art piece page contains multi-media context to enrich visitor's understanding of the art piece.

Share Thoughts In Art Community

Post your thoughts and see other's ideas.


Native app for management
and optimization communication
between parents and their toddler nanny

Parents Onboarding

After the parent has logged in through one of his social media profiles the app forwards him to chat with a bot that will take the information about the toddler.

Nanny’s Onboarding

All the information that was received during the parent's onboarding will be displayed to the nanny.

Home Instruction

To decrease unnecessary engagement with explanations to the nanny the app will allow adding AR notes around the house.

Home Instruction

So that the nanny can easily find what she needs.

Nanny’s Interaction

On the nanny's home page she will see all the messages left for her and enter the information about the toddler's agenda.

Parents Interaction

On the parents home page they can see all the info collected during the day in a quick and easy scan.


Clean and breathable visual design that will help visitors be calm and focused on their visiting experience.

Lessons learned 🧠

If so what did I learn?

1. Keep PM in loop and communicate with team in a timely manner is very important for designer to keep on the right track.
2. Feasibility is gold. Always check logistics (tech development, cost, iteration plan) while design for solution.
3. Priority tasks in a deliver cycle.
4. I'm so proud that this Logly web App is launched!