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How might we promote individual sustainable textile companies and small designer brands to consumers and assist consumers who want to shop a wide variety of merchandise
to make a better choice in fashion? 


Lige Yang

Savera Bhatnagar

Project Goals

  • Provide shoppers with an opportunity to shop sustainably without compromising aesthetic and variety. 

  • Spread the word about sustainable fabric alternatives in place typical “reliable” fabrics used in the fashion industry.

  • Give awareness to small sustainable fashion designers and take an opportunity to celebrate them and their process.



  • Advertisement: Web & Instagram ad

  • Website: designer interviews

  • Social Media: Instagram

  • Email



With our solution



Endless_ website: users can search multiple brands sustainable fashion items on one site

web screenshots

Social Media: Instagram 

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Touch Points Example: Email

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Measuring Impact

  • Website end: Sales on partnered sites, website traffic/duration, quantity of companies that express interest in a partnership with us, email sign-ups/ use of referral link.

  • Social media end: followers, shares, comments, general interaction, links to website.

  • Offline end: donation to farmers, increasing number of sustainable fabric interest, awareness of sustainable fashion designers.

Climate Change Impact

Beyond providing consumers with an opportunity to make more climate conscious decisions while enjoying retail without the sacrifice of aesthetics, Endless’ impact would be supporting the sales of sustainable alternative fabrics and designs help to make an positive impact on reducing the harm to the environment created by the fashion industry.


  • Farms

  • Textile Production/ Weaving

  • Fabric Companies/ Textile Designers

  • Fashion Designers