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Logly: enhance museum visiting experience

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Project Goal

My client is developing a web tool to enhance the experience of a museum visitor. The visitor can scan a QR code to learn more about an exhibit or artifact, and also submit information to the application. This product will be a mobile-friendly, browser-based web application.

My Role

  • Collaborate with product manager and museum expert, bring this idea to life with aesthetic UI design and provide a high-quality design product for client use for development work.


  • Figma (UI design, high-fidelity prototype)

  • Figma Mirro (Responsive test for Andriod & iOS)

  • Google Doc (Meeting Note, progress update)

  • Notion (Project management)


  • Logly is in an early stage of development and needs to flesh out its design and features.

  • Create a design of a web-based Application that presents museum and art exhibition information

  • How might we design an online social platform for museum visitors to share their thoughts and ideas in a museum?


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